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All Paramount Demos are recorded in our own Anam studio with a matched pair of Peluso P-28 mics into a Universal Audio 4-710d pre-amp, going into ProTools. All soundbites are recorded with NO EQ or compression.

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A commentary about handmade guitars by Paramount owner Kenn Fox

Paramount Guitars came into existence many years back for the sole purpose of offering honest-to-goodness handmade guitars to players for an affordable price. Being a professional player myself for over 30 years, I understand both the frustration and the joy of the search for the right instrument. While a great guitar is first and foremost a tool, it can also be, among many things, an extension of an artist's soul. Those of us who have had this mind-altering connection to an instrument understand it's importance, thus casting many of us into a life-long pursuit of guitar happiness. Our aim here at Paramount has always been to make this process as easy and affordable as possible.

It always surprises me how many potential customers call not knowing that there are many handmade guitars available for the same or less than factory-made alternatives. We always have a large selection of truly great handmade instruments both new and used. Feature by feature, they offer much more than most factory-made guitars and often offer a level of quality and uniqueness considerably higher than the alternative. Then there is the wonderful feeling you get knowing someone put the time and love into creating this amazing instrument with his or her bare hands.

Of course, there is a large part of the handmade guitar market that is dominated by boutique instruments at inflated prices. Perhaps this element of the market influences many of our perceptions regarding price. Trust me, there are many, many choices in the $2000-$3000 price category that I would stack up against instruments out there for twice or even three times this price. These are the builders we choose to represent! The guitars we stock offer a great value as well as tremendous quality. They are here because we love them, plain and simple. You will never see anything in stock at Paramount that I wouldn't be proud to own myself! And I do own and play instruments by most of the builders we represent. Please check out the Spiritone Records homepage and have a listen.

Please feel free to call or Email and talk guitar anytime.

- Kenn Fox